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You know, since I got myself a new job, I have had a little trouble adding new content to this very precious archive of mine. I still mark stuff on Google as I do my daily browsing, though, and this Starred feed grew longer and longer over time. Google has yet to work on a lot of things there. It's just not suitable for later review.

So last week, I built myself a new platform which will aid where Google's awesomeness ends. Besides grabbing, tagging (OpenCalais), flagging and sorting all the marked items from my Reader account, it also features a bookmarklet to record stuff I didn't find via RSS, but by randomly browsing teh interwebz.

You might envision it as the second filter of my web-awareness. A filter for what I'd like to read and evaluate later. Also, a lot of things arel not visible to anonymous visitors (namely, the audio/visual content which is going to end up here) but if you are interested, head over to and check it out.

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the.hfk (not verified)

hey. just stubbled across this site. not sure if you're still planning on updating it, but i can honestly say it's one of the best collections of art i've found in a long time. hugely impressed. shame if you packed it in.


Thanks man! I actually plan to put new stuff on it but I just don't know when :S
I will try to, though!

Take care