There will be blood

Wait for it ..

Jack Nicholson as Jack Torrance in Shining, 1983

Natalie Portman

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Straight Time, 1978

James Dean

The Missouri Breaks, 1976

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Tyrion Lannister

Charlie Sheen stands in a Malibu Calif., courtroom Monday morning, Nov. 16. 1998

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The Hangover

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Marilyn Monroe, in custody

Jason Lee

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Sylvester Stallone, 1982

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Bill Murray as Herman Blume in Rushmore, 1998

You know what capitalism is? Gettin’ fucked!

Al Pacino as Tony Montana in Scarface, 1983

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Be like Han

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The world's finest Bourbon since 1795

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Fight Club

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Joaquin Phoenix

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Leonard Nimoy

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Clint Eastwood

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Tarantino on Top Gun

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Audrey Hepburn