Hip Hops

Melody Club

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Untitled from Deli Sandwich

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Mart, 1981

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Of Mice and Men

Untitled from He Who Cannot Be Named

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Akira #28

Missed Connection, The New Yorker, November 8, 2004




Make Programming Fun Again

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Lucha Libre Vol. 1

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La Murciélaga n°3

Art & Celebrity

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The people they refer to as nerds

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The New Yorker


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The New Yorker, September 30, 1996

Next Year in Black And White

Amazing Spider-Man #641


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X-Force #28

Shuddertown #1

X-Force: Sex and Violence #1

Electic Ant #4

Marvel Zombies 5 #4

DMZ #52

Garrison #4

Get a job, sir