Après la Pluie #1

He told us to just call him "Eric"

Mississippi River Meander Belt

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Mr. Linden’s Library



Venise Céleste

Cosmopolitan magazine, September 1958

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Life magazine, July 1959

Untitled by Norm Saunders

Esquire magazine, 1950s

By Bob Peak on Flickr

7-Up ad, 1960s

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True magazine, July 1958

Cosmopolitan magazine, August 1954

Saturday Evening Post, 1950s

Look magazine, 1954

PGA Tournament brochure, 1970s

Standard/Chevron ad, 1957

Untitled by Sandra Suy

The Sea of Rats, Male magazine, 1973

R is for Rambo


Jean Pierre

War bonnet

Untitled by Puño

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Howard Paper Mills promo

Ladies Home Journal. 1949

Good Housekeeping, 1946

I Was Kissed by a Teen-Aged Monster Last Night

The World According to Ronald Reagan

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Lord of the Flies