music videos

Golden Cage

Animation by Geoff McFetridge

Dubstep Mime - Big Boss


Hietsuki Bushi

The Shadow Knows

Mouth To Anus

Directed by Adam Lieber



Video directed by Ned Wenlock

Out Getting Ribs


Directed by Samuel Pressman
Shot / Edit by Isaac Baumann

See birds

Goya (Live)

Meet Me In The Basement


Video footage by unknown

Twine Time

The Music Scene

R.I.P Rich D

Video by Yoram Savion


Video by Jacob Perlmutter

Truckers Delight

By Jérémie Périn on pizza splash! via Graphics Interchange Format


Gare Du Nord

By Carte Blanche (DJ Mehdi and Riton) on YouTube via EatSkeet

World News

Directed by Matthew Lessner

Windowlicker (Do The Charleston)

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Music: "Everbody's gotta learn sometimes" by Beck (Original by The Korgis)

Never Gonna Give You Up

the rickroll strikes again

Rollin & Scratchin (Gonzales Rework)

Phantom II

Birdman in Lisbon, Portugal

By unknown on YouTube via

Where Is My Mind

Movie scenes taken from "The mysterious Lady" (1928)

Constant Surprises

What A Wonderful World

I am very glad, because ...

... I'm finally back home