Bye bye, media ..

As some of my beloved readers might remember, originally started with the issues only. After a few months I got a bit lost and I decided to open the media section for the regulars, so they could enjoy the fresh stuff the time it comes in.

Lately though, I've found myself arranging new media in the way I used to make up the issues. I guess I just love to put pictures in a new context. Fellow RSS users, bloggers and tumblrs know that reading, saving and posting stuff is quite a bitch when it comes down to hours sitting in front of the screen. Rearranging takes even more time and I realized that the archive is just not the place for doing this. That being said — issues or media, one of them just had to go.

Wait, what?

The media section is closed until further notice. Images, videos and RSS feeds stay online, though. Furthermore, all content I add to the archive remains public, so if you want to link, repost or show stuff to friends, you are welcome. I pledge to reopen media when the dust has settled and the archive is mixed up again.

Till then, enjoy the sun Eye

The All New Shared Items

Okay, all this Google Shared Items crap is over now. I realized that it will take forever to port these items from Google. As some people already suggested, regurlarly increasing the item number is not about to make it any better if I really intend to host it myself. So fuck it

You can still browse the old stuff on Google by visiting, but there will be no further updates.

Here is the deal

From now on I am maintaining a similar RSS blog at It's still an early version with just the basic features, but I already have some ideas about future improvements, don't worry. Feel free to change your bookmarks and feed subscriptions..

Bye bye, Google.

In the meantime ..

Well, well, I am still porting my Shared Items to this site and it seems it'll take some more time as you might have guessed already. Nonetheless, I've managed to sew a tiny new dress for my Google page which is online at

This site ain't ready, right?

Easy, easy, ladies and gentlemen, I am close to finish my work on the layout of this site and I am already moving and rearranging all the stuff from Google. I intend to open this site probably on Monday, February 23 some day in March (I had exams last weeks and now there is a lot of work in my job), just in case you like to stop by again.