Untitled by Nan Goldin, 1979

Why Are We in Libya, April 4, 2011

By Yuri Kozyrev / NOOR / Time on TIME LightBox

Smoke Rings

Frank Sheridan, 1933

Hmmm, A pipe for smoking tobacco

Looking out from a shoe factory near the airport in Misurata, Libya, April 29, 2011

By Bryan Denton / The New York Times on Lens Blog

Push it real

Cowboy Bebop

Tokyo 561

STS-96 Launch, May 27, 1999

By NASA on Plog



Untitled from Stopthefuture

By unknown on stopthefuture via Girl Smoke

Deep Summer, 2010

Boys smoke cannabis in an elevator, London, England, 2002

By Simon Wheatley on Magnum In Motion

Untitled from Loveyourchaos

By unknown on loveyourchaos

Amazon Ablaze

Untitled by Anahí Eleuterio

Untitled by Emir Özşahin

West Bank #12

Untitled by Noël Kristi

No Dice

By unknown on Comically Vintage

Untitled by Steven Lyon


Untitled from Everything You Love To Hate™


By unknown on 365diary.chris heads

Untitled from Kniepuder

By unknown on kniepuder